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Welcome to Kangaroo Kids Pre-Schools

The first Kangaroo Kids Preschool of Maldives was opened on 8th February 2009, in the capital island of Male’. Our school revolves around action-based learning using innovative teaching kangarookids logomethods, which helps to develop confident, creative and eager learners.

Our teaching plans, designed by experts from curriculum development unit of Kangaroo Kids Education Limited, takes into account brain research, multiple intelligences, theme-based learning, Bloom’s Taxanomy, and developmental appropriateness to ensure that your child learns the most while having fun. 

The subjects children learn include English, Mathematics, Dhivehi, Islam and Quran. The Plan of Work for each month is based on a separate theme, and since our emphasis is on meaningful and life-long learning, we conduct monthly field trips or mark special days marked in classroom to complement all learning.